Briar, LoL’s newest champion, arrives on live servers hungry for blood

A new major threat is making its way into League of Legends, and it’s unlikely that a single helping of blood will be enough to satisfy her.

The newest addition to the lineup of champions in League—Briar, the Restrained Hunger—is now available for purchase in the shop for 7,800 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points and is playable in all normal and ranked queues. After she has been in the shop for two weeks, her price will be lowered to 6,300 Blue Essence, where it will remain for the foreseeable future.

This jungler constantly wants to be in the face of her enemies—acting as the quintessential definition of “feast or famine.” With no innate health regeneration of her own, the only way for Briar to survive is to attempt to quench her insatiable appetite, which she accomplishes through frenzied assaults on specific targets.

Though she is restrained by her pillory, she is capable of unlocking it to unleash her full power, which is primarily seen through the use of her ultimate, Certain Death. When using this ability, Briar kicks the hemolith that held her pillory together in a target direction, which then warps her at immense speed to any enemy champion hit, where they’re certain to learn the full meaning behind the ultimate’s name.

Briar’s launch skin is part of the new Street Demons skin line, which depicts a variety of demon-like champions in street attire, as if they’re part of a rowdy group looking to stir up trouble and have fun in the process. This skin, alongside new Street Demons outfits for Neeko, Dr. Mundo, Zyra, Brand, and Rengar, are also now available for purchase within the shop for 1,350 RP each.

Due to the timing of Briar’s release, the champion is unlikely to be eligible to play at this year’s World Championship, which is set to begin in just a few weeks. The entirety of the international tournament will be played on Patch 13.19, which will be released on Sept. 27—as well as another new skin line, this time based on the celebration of life after death.

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