C9 LoL pro EMENES writes, then defends inflammatory remarks made in Korean solo queue game

Cloud9 League of Legends pro EMENES is currently under fire from the League community over some in-game messages he sent during a match. 

EMENES made comments that are being called “xenophobic” while playing a game of League solo queue earlier today, calling European streamer Spear_shot a “disgusting EU streamer” and saying they should “go your country plz.” 

EMENES accused Spear_shot of griefing his game, which he lost. Spear_shot, who is a self-proclaimed Pantheon one-trick, ended up finishing with a 5/8/1 scoreline in the 21-minute defeat

After making those comments, EMENES defended himself on Twitter and doubled down on what he said. EMENES wrote his public follow-up in Hangul, and according to Twitter’s internal translating systems, he said the following: 

“I’m not criticizing all streamers, but no matter what server you play on, some ‘broadcasters’ ignore the normal rules of the game and constantly ruin the game when things don’t go their way, and the average player thinks that if they say something to them, they’ll throw it again next time. I am patient. However, I endured the excessive play until the end of the game.”

EMENES has not played a solo queue game since the incident was brought to light on social media. His team, Cloud9, also posted on Twitter, confirming to fans that it is addressing the situation internally. 

EMENES addressed his (and Cloud9’s) fans on his own Twitter account, as well.  “I am sorry to my fans for my over-the-top remarks,” he said. “However, I cannot apologize to people, including that streamer, who maliciously break basic rules for viewer interest.”

C9, who are currently bootcamping in Korea ahead of the 2023 League World Championship, has issued no further statement on the subject at this time. 

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