LoL devs quietly working on fix for solo queue to allow faster climbing

It’s no secret it takes weeks and even months to climb the ranks in League of Legends. But this is all about to change because the devs are promising hefty changes to how the system works.

According to Riot’s Barack Probama on Sept. 16, the devs planning to “reduce the number of games required” to reach your actual Elo. 

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“Nothing to report until something is closer to shipping, but we have some medium-term and some long term plans that should allow our ratings (for matchmaking purposes) to more quickly converge on a player’s skill,” the Rioter said.

Although this varies from player to player and from account to account, the general consensus in the League community is that you have to spam solo queue games first to reach your original rank, and then some more to actually climb. This can be 50 games, but it can also easily be 1,000 games, and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll actually end up in Elo heaven

Some League players go by the 40-40-20 rule, which states that 40 percent of your total ranked games will be automatically lost, 40 percent will be won without you blinking twice, and the remaining 20 percent is actually made up of games where you’ll be the deciding factor. But, in many cases, it feels like you’re either in the winner’s or loser’s queue and the agency and the control you have in these games is non-existent, as if you’ll be stuck playing these games until Riot shows some mercy.

With this upcoming update, your grind should be cut down to a minimum, and you should see more meaningful progress earlier in the season. Honestly, this is a healthy change for the game and should make climbing way less frustrating. This is all so early in development, and players should expect to learn more details about these changes further down the road, most likely when we near the beginning of season 14.

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