Tips for Winning Online Slot Games

Average players never have any concrete ideas on how to win at slots. In this article, we’re going to take a brand new approach on this topic, leaving out those old sayings of figures and odds.

Our goal is not to win a one-time jackpot, but small bonus each time. Accumulate these small amount of money with compounding effect! You don’t have to worry about losing the money all at once and not having the budge to continue playing. Instead, the more money you accumulate, the more solid your foundation will be, to allow you make a big win!

Win small each time, accumulate them into big money.

How to Win Slot Machines by using 6 Tips and Tricks

Before moving on to our strategy, we recommend you get hands-on experience with various of popular slot machine brands in the Malaysia, such as JILI Games, Evolution Gaming, CQ9, PlayTech, Spade Gaming, Habanero, 918Kiss, Mega888 etc. Please actively try out demo slots and note down your experience with each brand. You will soon become more familiar with slot machines.

Preparation: prepare your capital, register at Egroup88 Online Casino and pick your favorite slot machine. Once you’re ready, follow our 6 step-by-step guide to discover the secrets of winning at slot machines steps by steps.

Step1 Set your Capital

We start with a capital to play with, depending on your budget. If you have no idea, we recommend starting with RM100. Please register at Egroup88 Online Casino, make a deposit and then proceed to the next step.

Step2 Choose a Low Volatility Slot

What we mean low volatility slot, is exactly the “frequent win” slot. The ideal slot machine we are looking for is the one with a small but consistent win. We recommend JILI, SG and PT, so please choose a few from these brands to add to your list.

Step3 Figure out your Lucky Time but Give a Try on Demo First

This is a very important step, the purpose of trying the demo first is to find out your “lucky time”, everyone’s luck is continuous but variable. To be accurate, you will win for a period of time or lose for a period of time. Please try the demo slot first, until you win from a capital of RM150, to about 1.5 times, RM225, then immediately, change to Egroup88, continue play the same game, but in real money this time.

Please noted: Some demo slots are not in normal odds, such as machines from CQ9, the first spin will take you to free game or straight to the jackpot. Please skip this anomaly period and start playing after it is back to normal conditions.

Step4 When you Enter the Real Money Game

As the luck you got in demo machines continue, you will find that playing in real money games is also very smooth. Remember that when switching from demo to real money game, keep your mind at ease and relax like a walk in the park. You will soon be able to earn from 150 to around 225 or more, just like you did in demo machines. However, when you reach the amount, stop playing.

Step5 Goal Achieved, Stop Playing for Today

Our aim is to making little but consistent money, so you must cashout the amount you have win today, record it and not use it again the next day. Keep betting with the capital you started with.

Step6 Keep this Routine and Record your Results

You can set the number of times you play each week and keep track of the games you play, the amount you bet and the amount you win. More importantly, once you’ve achieved your goal, stop playing and don’t get caught up by the game – discipline is the key to success.

Our strategy is very simple and easy, it’s all about ‘finding your winning time’. No one is able to win all the time, so we have to make the most when luck come our way. Choose the right timing to bet, to win small, to leave the table, and gradually build your fortune.

Right Mindset to Maintain When you Play Slots

Can’t stop when you play slot? It’s because your brains reward you for doing different things. For example, every time you win a slot machine, you create a happy chemical, call dopamine, which sends us into a frenzy of excitement. Whenever you were rewarded with a combo, bonus or free games, you can’t stay rational with your joy and often play beyond their budget.

The most taboo things to do in our “winning slots guidance” is playing slots without restraint. As a result, spending your newly won money or even losing your capital. Therefore, the most important mindset for winning slots is “discipline”. There is nothing more respectful than a disciplined player who is able to accumulate wealth effectively and stick to a principle that never compromises.

Remember, self-discipline is the most important thing here.

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